Providing legal advice is a service.

Providing legal advice is a service - a principle integral to our practice which has driven the firm’s growth over many decades.

The origins of the firm go back to the commercial law firm practice of the Wuppertal attorney Dr. Günter Esch. Up to the year 2000 he was a decisive influence on the regional economy through his national vision and his innovative approach to all areas of commercial law. Like him we use an integrated approach together with the specialisation which is required in all legal areas today, in order to achieve best possible results when we advise and represent you as entrepreneur and private individual.

We advise people who are leaders in their professions as well as private individuals who require commercial advice or who need assistance with legal problems in the area of civil law, company and corporate law, employment law, as well as tax law and economic or corporate criminal law.

Together with our clients we also work towards finding the best possible arrangements under company law for your enterprise and for the transfer of your assets to the next generation in your lifetime or by a disposition of property upon death.

One of our strengths is the collaboration of specialised attorneys in teams while the clients retain their own personal contact person.

We are able to represent you in all legal disputes before all German courts (except the Federal Supreme Court / Bundesgerichtshof ). Together with our international partners in Warwick Legal Network we can also pursue your cross-border interests.